Create Fans

Products are everywhere. All anyone needs is a phone and a Wi-Fi connection to find nearly everything they need. So, how do businesses get customers to continue to come back time and time again? At Oddly Natural, we believe in turning customers into fans. Customers are looking for a product, but fans are looking to be apart of something bigger than themselves. When you turn customers into fans, they will continue to support your business no matter the economic climate. 

Tell Your Story

Started in the “Storybook Capital of Texas” Abilene, TX. Oddly Natural believes that the best way to grow your business is to tell the story of your business. Customers now want to know more than what is on the price tag. They take pride in talking about the story behind the places they shop and the products they buy. We will help you create an authentic story that will captivate customers and encourage them to tell your story to others. A strong story is not static, it is a living thing. By telling your companies story through branding, your reach will continue to grow every time your story is told.

Want To Grow Your Business

Who We Are

Alex Terrell Russell

I grew up in Abilene, Texas splitting time with family in Nashville, Tennessee.  These communities shaped my passions for community, music, art, and people. However, my generation has shaped my passions for creating our future. I believe as millennials, with the leadership of our heroes and selves, we are poised to create and prosper business through our own individual, unique, intriguing, yet Oddly Natural stories.

Grant Vandever

In West Philadelphia … actually I was born in raised in Abilene, Texas. In fact, I have lived nearly my entire life right here in West Texas. I love it here. West Texas allows me to be exactly who I am and have an impact on my community. That is why I was thrilled to Co-found Oddly Natural. It has allowed me to use my creativity and energy to help grow my community. I believe that by helping brands tell their story, I can make my community stronger.


Improving our community is at the heart of everything we do here at Oddly Natural. We believe in having a dual purpose. We strive to provide our clients with world class branding and to help our community to be the best it can be. A portion of every dollar we make goes right back into our community. When we all pull the same direction, there is no telling how far we can go.