Social Media

Since the site’s launch just 12 years ago, Facebook has gained over 1 BILLION active monthly users. 

The world no longer looks at Facebook as a place where college kids go to chat with each other. It is now the single best way to reach anyone in the world. There is no part B. Oddly Natural believes that every single business should be advertising on Facebook. It allows you to target potential new customers with specific advertising created to convert specific customers. It also allows businesses to create brand loyalty by communicating directly with existing customers.

Business owners do not have the time to keep up with the constantly changing trends in social media, but their customers do.  

Oddly Natural helps businesses efficiently utilize their time, effort and resources. Social media does this, well. At Oddly Natural, we keep up with the trends for you. We seek out the best platforms, we study the algorithms these platforms use to reach customers, and we pay attention to demographics. We track and produce results.

Social media is the fastest, most cost-efficient advertising medium the world has ever seen. It’s world of services are growing every day. Let Oddly Natural keep you in front the trends, not following them.  

Social Media Services

With rapidly changing technology and trends, the cost to compete to stay relevant has never been higher. And the divide in the companies that can afford traditional advertising campaigns has never been greater. Strategically utilizing the Internet, and her plethora of platforms, allows small businesses to create their own niche markets and greatly close that gap.

Consulting – If you’d like to eventually do all of your social media in-house but don’t know how to get started, or if you are currently not seeing the results your friends and competitors are, Oddly Natural will assess your current social media strategy, define the strengths and weaknesses of your social media platforms, and then advise the best strategy so that you see the maximum results from your social media campaigns.

Content Creation and Management – Do you appreciate the need of social media for business but have no interest or time to spend executing it correctly? Are you a small business owner that currently doesn’t have the resources for a full-time marketing department? Oddly Natural will create a comprehensive social media strategy that includes content creation and execution for all of your social media accounts. Hire Oddly Natural for your social media marketing so that you can “Set it and forget it”.