Website Building

Every business needs a great website. It’s required in this rapidly changing economy created by technology. It is as essential as having your phone number listed in the yellow pages 15 years ago. Perhaps more so now, since the yellow pages didn’t reach across oceans. Website building can be really intimidating. Either with the notion that you will have to know how to code or spend thousands of dollars to have an attractive, functioning website that tells your story, grows your business, and connects you with the world.

Oddly Natural can help. In fact, one of the reasons we started Oddly Natural was in response to our shock at the costs of professional website design and creation. When we build websites for our clients, we don’t load you up with content that doesn’t serve your business. We focus on designing and building sites that will best position your company in the competitive online landscape. By taking special care with user experience so that your customers always have an up-to-date and enjoyable experience and authentically telling your story, Oddly Natural will create the perfect space to promote and grow your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local businesses are the backbone of our communities and our economy, never truer than right here in the Big Country. However, large chains with large budgets are making it increasingly more difficult to grow your business in this online era. Website building companies from the bigger cities don’t always know the best way to reach potential customers in our communities. By specializing in Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we have helped our clients rank at or near the top of organic Google search.

Website Maintenance 

Once a website is built the work is only half done. With online search and advertising algorithms changing daily, it is very important that you continue to keep your site updated with visual and written content. Sites that are not updated regularly will quickly fall from Google’s Page Rank. After all, even giants like Google must keep their customers happy, and right now happy customers = updated and relevant content. Oddly Natural offers content creation services and website framework maintenance.