What do customers think when they hear your name? What do they think about what you sell? What do they think about why you sell it? While logos and advertising campaigns use to only be required for large corporations competing for national and global recognition, technology has made it vital for local business to have a definitive and engaging brand. With technology, any brand from anywhere can now become a national, or global, brand, and it’s only increasing in possibilities. Now that the entire international marketplace is available at anyone’s fingertips, communicating why someone should buy from you is essential.

Business branding can be tricky to get right. It requires thinking beyond your inventory and completely understanding why you open your business everyday. Every decision you make should require you to answer, “Does this fit with my brand”. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll get lost, and customers no longer invest in brands that will get lost, because they don’t have to.

Oddly Natural is here to help. We believe that local businesses should be celebrated for their incredibly unique and authentic experiences. Customers crave connection, they want to know where the goods or services they purchase come from. They want to spend at the cool, local place, they want to support brands they relate to.          

Most of the time, this connection with customers does not come naturally. It does not come easily. Mostly because instead of communicating authentically, business owners tend to try to create a persona to sell. However, with the right focus, you will see your vision, your story, create ROI (Return On Investment) for years to come.

Branding can also provide additional revenue streams to help your business grow. Are you familiar with the “Keep Austin Weird” Shirts? 

As a way of setting themselves apart from the stream of apparel companies popping up- or branding themselves- a local sporting goods company created the “Keep Austin Weird” t-shirts. Their brand was simple; they tapped into what Austin meant to them and their business – Don’t buy from the big box stores, shop local and Keep Austin Weird.

This resulted in a couple of things. First, it positioned the perception that Tyler’s is a local company focused on keeping Austin authentic into the local culture. Then, when the shirts gained popularity, Tyler’s had thousands of customers paying them to be walking advertisements. All because they created a brand that people related to, and wanted to support. Branding works (“Social Media Influencer” is now a real job title) and the Millennial experts at Oddly Natural can turn your story into a brand that connects, relates and grows.