Political Campaigns

Oddly Natural specializes in platform creation, campaign management, strategy and implementation, working with communities, schools, individuals and organizations to effectively communicate with constituents.

To capture support and attention, you must not only have the most compelling story, you must efficiently and cohesively communicate that story over multiple platforms through several mediums. When running for public office or raising public awareness for issues campaigns, perception is reality, and Oddly Natural PR garners authentic support by ensuring that your story is told by you. We work to develop and implement multiple strategies working towards one goal, to accomplish your dreams and make our world a better place.

However, we are not your grandfather’s political consultants. The largest voting block in America is now Millennials. Are you connecting with them? Are you speaking to them? Are they responding? If you cannot answer these questions with a definitive “YES!”, it will show on election day. 

Individual Candidates

Though far from what our Founding Fathers intended, decisions that impact our daily lives are now too often made for us, without our input. Members of our communities that are willing to put themselves up for public judgement to serve the grand design of democracy, they are our voices. We must elect representatives that truly represent us to lead, serve, build, create laws, and ensure our communities’ safety and future. While politics is not for everyone, democracy is. Our institutions need smart, energetic, and forward-thinking people to step up and lead. Oddly Natural is here to help. 

Bond Elections/Issue Campaigns

Asking constituents to vote to spend money is never an easy task. Voters hear “bond election” and immediately…

However, we understand that bond elections are about investing in our future. Our team will help you develop a marketing strategy that will communicate the truth about the investment you are asking your community to make, and the return on that investment they will receive. The national conversation around economic climate is often so politicized in the media that communities and school districts must cut through the noise to accomplish what is best at home. Oddly Natural captures the support your campaign deserves by communicating the heart of your issues to connect the hearts of your community, working towards one common goal.